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Thorn Energy Partnership and Intellisol join forces in Benelux

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Apr 22, 2013

Thorn Energy Partnership (TEP) is a venture between Thorn and lighting professionals. Open to applications from installers and contractors, the aim is to promote energy efficiency without sacrificing good lighting performance. New TEP partner and intelligent energy system specialist from the Belgium city of Maaseik, Intellisol, recently held a kick off event to mark the official launch of its collaboration with TEP in Benelux. Patrick Van den Borre, Regional Manager for Benelux at Thorn, explains: "Intellisol is trained to set up energy expert networks with its installers across Benelux. This is ideal because the training can be run in the local language but with support from TEP." Here we interview Herman Daniëls, owner of Intellisol, to understand why joining TEP was such an important move.

Can you tell us about Intellisol?
Herman: Intellisol offers intelligent energy systems to strike the ideal balance between energy efficiency and a very comfortable working or living environment. We think that living or working energy efficiently shouldn't mean the loss of a certain amount of comfort. Our solar panels, heath pump boilers and of course our lighting solutions are all of very high and stable quality, and secure a long term solution for our customers. We cooperate with over 70 installers across Benelux and only work with products of European quality to ensure a proven quality standard.

Why did Intellisol join the Thorn Energy Partnership (TEP)?
Herman: One of our goals is to offer an above average level of quality when it comes to service, know-how and materials. We want our customers to know what they should expect from a professional lighting distributor. We are always looking for ways to sustain and/or improve that level. TEP is a great instrument for us to hold on to high quality in energy saving solutions, which is one of the most important aspects of a relighting project. Also, TEP makes it possible for us to be a platform for our installers to gain access to training, products and marketing.

How will the partnership work with your installers?
Herman: Intellisol is a platform for our installers. We are their supplier, their trainer, we do all the calculations for the yield studies, create leads and prospects in their areas plus offer marketing support etc. TEP is important in this process because it enables us to be this platform. Our installers typically expect energy saving lighting solutions for their end-users that guarantee great results by sometimes simple but always smart solutions. One of the best selling points is the fact that TEP allows you to show, on the basis of a picture of the current situation, the achievable savings. For our installers, TEP is a great way for them to develop their energy efficiency knowledge, so they can broaden their businesses in a future-oriented market.

How have your installers reacted to the TEP?
Herman: Some are sceptical at first, thinking the energy savings are too good to be true. Once they realise they are realistic however, they are very enthusiastic and both surprised and pleased with the results. But I have to add that we also pay a lot of attention to other aspects of relighting other than energy savings, such as providing the right light for the task in hand. This ensures we bring a complete concept, specially developed for the end-user.

How would you rate the TEP training? Has it improved your knowledge?
Herman: The TEP training has most definitely improved our knowledge about energy savings. We would rate the training 9 out of 10.

What were the objectives of the kick off event? Were they achieved?
Herman: We wanted to start the training with about 20 interested installers. And of course we wanted to give general information about TEP and persuade installers to sign up. The kick off event was held at the racetrack in Heusden-Zolder. After an introduction by Patrick along with snacks and beverages, we all got to drive the electric Tesla Roadster super car on the circuit. The installers were enthusiastic and eager to participate. More importantly, we achieved our objectives and every week more installers are asking to join!

How has TEP benefitted Intellisol?
By sharing knowledge and marketing tools, we can support our installers and deliver above average quality for them in service and materials. We can also keep an eye on quality via TEP and ensure end-users gain excellent lighting along with significant energy savings.

For more information about TEP, please go to https://tep.thornlighting.com/ or contact your local sales representative.
For more information about Intellisol, please visit http://www.intellisol.be/

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