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Thorn Energy Partnership

Apr 22, 2013

New Thorn Energy Partnership powers ahead

Thorn Energy Partnership is a new venture between Thorn and lighting professionals. Open to applications from all installers and contractors, the aim is to promote energy efficiency without sacrificing good lighting performance. First previewed at Light + Building 2012, Thorn Energy Partnership has generated enquiries from around the world from professionals who are keen to improve their knowledge and competitive positioning within the energy saving market. And this month is proving to be the most exciting yet as it marks the full launch with official meetings getting into full swing and work beginning on the first two projects.All successful Thorn Energy Partnership applicants sign up for a 2-year certified training programme. This training ensures partners are equipped with the breadth and depth of knowledge required to successfully implement energy saving schemes with a quick, attractive pay back. By sharing experience, expertise and tools through local events, online training and seminars, the Thorn Energy Partnership creates a win-win-win situation, providing benefits for partners, end users and the environment.

15 ways for saving energy, which are easy to follow and implement, are at the heart of the Thorn Energy Partnership. These relate to the technology employed, the control systems, the application and the environment. By 2015, Thorn Energy Partnership expects to save more than 25,000 Tones of CO2.

Wolfgang Bernecker, Thorn's European Business Development Manager, says: "After months of planning, we're delighted to get the Thorn Energy Partnership underway. For those installers and contractors who are serious about energy efficiency, the partnership offers a fantastic opportunity to gain a competitive edge and increase sales and market share."

For more information or to apply to be part of Thorn Energy Partnership, go to www.thornlighting.com/tep

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