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Smart Buildings Experience

Apr 22, 2013

Discover the right LED products with the new Smart Buildings Experience

The new interactive Smart Buildings Experience from Thorn has been created to help you discover the most suitable lighting and controls for buildings and surrounds. It will also show you some of the more imaginative ways in which our LED products can be used in energy intensive environments, such as offices, schools, shops, hotels and hospitals. Comprising an online virtual smart building complete with all the common spaces, you can simply select a specific area to reveal general and best practice advice, and see a range of ideas based on the latest and most suitable LED lighting and controls. From there, you can select further product information, including videos, leaflets and catalogue listings to help you make your decision.In addition to helping you select the right LED products, the experience incorporates several frameworks. These include eControl, Performance Efficiency Comfort (PEC) and 15 ways to make energy efficient lighting easy, all of which ensure you receive the best possible design and energy saving advice.

The interactive Smart Buildings Experience will be updated every time a new product is launched. This means you can be confident you are viewing and comparing our very latest products.

To try the Smart Buildings Experience now, please click here.

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