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Aquaforce Pro

  • Aquaforce-Pro

Building on the success of Thorn’s market-leading moisture proof luminaire, Aquaforce Pro sets a new standard for moisture and dust-resistant LED lighting.

When it comes to luminaires that can handle damp and dusty conditions, the name of Thorn Aquaforce is already well known. With the brand-new Aquaforce Pro, performance and versatility have reached new heights. The IP66-rated fitting is available in a choice of wide- and medium-beam light distribution options tailored for factory and warehouse settings or car parks – and is ready for the new DIN 67528 parking standard. Its opal diffuser ensures the best light quality. Aquaforce Pro features DALI dimming and a built-in corridor function, using a presence/absence detector to dim down and turn off automatically when circulation areas are not in use. Thanks to the RF radio module, Aquaforce Pro luminaires are able to connect wirelessly to each other to form groups. This robust luminaire is built to resist ambient temperatures ranging from -20°C to 35°C, and its clever drip-edge design avoids dust depositing on the light output surface. Some LED luminaires still struggle to match the light output of conventional products on a one-for-one basis. But Aquaforce Pro comes in an 8000 lm version, powerful enough to serve as a direct one-for-one replacement for 2x58 W or 2x49 W conventional luminaires, making it an ideal choice for retrofit and refurbishment projects. And with efficacy as high as 141 lm/W, the potential savings are significant.


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